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Initial Consultation / Intake

Dr. Ryan will meet with the child’s parent(s)/guardian(s) (and child or adolescent when appropriate) to gain a better understanding of the family’s concerns, obtain information about the child’s developmental history, and learn about the child’s social, emotional, and behavioral functioning.


Evaluation is completed directly with the child or adolescent (parents may be present during the evaluation depending on a child’s age and developmental level). Evaluation takes approximately two hours. Length of evaluation varies based on a child’s age and evaluation history. Parents and teachers are also asked to complete standardized questionnaires in order to gain a better understanding of a child’s behavior and functioning outside of the testing environment.


Test Scoring & Interpretation

The tests and questionnaires are scored, analyzed, and interpreted. When Dr. Ryan interprets tests, she considers more than just the scores. Behavioral observations made during the evaluation and a child’s history are often the most useful information in determining the appropriateness of an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis and any needed intervention.


Feedback Session

After testing is completed, an appointment is made to review the results. During this appointment, the appropriateness of an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis is discussed, and recommendations are made to address the child’s specific difficulties. A comprehensive written report is also provided at this appointment. 

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